Love it or hate it, online gaming is here to stay. The internet has opened up many doors for gaming. No longer do we have to arrange to meet our friends in person to play, we can join them online at any time of day or night. In this article, we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of how technology has improved our gaming experience. Let’s go.

Mobile gaming

When smartphones started becoming more and more common, our lives started to change drastically. It wasn’t just calling or messaging that changed, we now had a gaming device right in our pocket. Games that had existed for years on games consoles were suddenly available as apps on our smartphones. It didn’t matter if you were in Australia or Russia, you could access anything. Meanwhile CasinoTopsOnline reports that online casino review sites were able to introduce a new way of mobile gaming that had never been possible before. As people enjoy the convenience of playing wherever and whenever, the smartphone gaming industry is expected to continue its uphill growth.

Cloud gaming

One great technological invention was cloud gaming. Being able to run a videogame on a remote server and stream it changed how people played and bought games. One of the biggest sites of the kind is Steam. Steam Cloud Play means people can save their data and progress on the remote platform, thus avoiding storage limitations on their device. What’s also great about cloud gaming is that you can play a huge range of games without owning a powerful computer or console. It’s thanks to this new technology that more and more people are accessing gaming than ever before.

Multiplayer games

With increases to the power and speed of people’s home internet, multiplayer gaming has become really enjoyable and easy. Gone are the days of problematic response rates, lagging graphics and slow connections! Nowadays, people can enjoy a superior online gaming experience collaboratively with others. It can be people you know in real life or, quite commonly, people you know online.

This new technology has meant that the esports industry has experienced huge growth and is now worth billions of dollars.

Facial recognition software

People are naturally cautious when it comes to new technology and privacy is a topic that comes up time and again. People’s perceptions of online gaming have changed, and more and more people are worried about who the other person is on the other side – especially when it comes to their children gaming online. One thing that could be set to change things for the better is the use of facial recognition software. This might mean that people can verify their online identity and produce more life-like avatars for their gaming characters. 

Use of VR and AR tools

More recently, the online gaming sector has come to incorporate VR and AR to a greater extent. Gaming has become more immersive than it ever has been before. One reason for this growth is due to internet connections being able to handle so much data. It’s also much easier to stream applications with high-speed networks and, thanks to 5G, it’s also going to be a lot cheaper to transfer data too.

Safer and easier payments

Your card details are safer than they ever have been online. App stores have meant players can spend money without sharing their payment details and identity directly with the company. These digital security measures mean people are more likely to part with their cash.

Blockchain technology has also meant people feel more secure and safe with transactions. Cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets are synonymous with safe transactions as they’re completely anonymous and no data is shared. In a world where privacy is everything, this is great news for online gamers.

Players becoming creators

The players of the future aren’t just going to sit back and watch new developments, they’re going to be contributing to them too. Games generated by players are going to be big news and will lead to a new time when developers start outsourcing new content to their dedicated fans – think of fanfiction in the gaming industry but on a more professional scale.
It’s safe to say online gaming is here to stay. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how technology has improved our relationship with online gaming. Not only is it more accessible to everyone, but it’s more proficient and enjoyable too. Who knows, you could be part of the new player-creator generation!

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